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Easy on your clothes, and on you too.

Although we weren’t around during the Revolutionary War when the local militia, known as the Minute Men (commemorated left in this statue in Westport, CT), bravely battled the mighty British army, Minute Men Cleaners has been part of the community since 1960. Founded by Fred Shepard, Minute Men was one of the new wave of “drive-in” cleaners taking the place of home delivery laundry businesses such as the one run by Fred’s father since the 1930’s. They were slowly becoming obsolete due to advent of the home washing machine and the growing presence of the family automobile.

Today, Minute Men Cleaners is run by Fred’s sons, who carry on the commitment to customer convenience and service that has become a trademark of the company. Within the last several years, as free time has become a valuable commodity, Minute Men has gone back to its “routes” by expanding its home pickup and delivery throughout most of Fairfield County.

As with the legendary Minute Men of Revolutionary War, the staff of Minute Men Cleaners, with over 250 combined years in the dry cleaning industry, is ready at a moment’s notice to handle all your garment care needs.